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Best Electrolyte Drink

Best Electrolyte Drink

Electrolyte drink is combination of salt, sugar, minerals (such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) and water. Most of the sports drinks are electrolyte drinks and according to The American College of Sports Medicine, if you are a sport person then you must consume 17 ounces of electrolyte drink 2 hours prior to exercising. This will help you to prevent dehydration. Also, it is essential to consume it on regular intervals to retain the body fluid. Electrolyte drinks are also beneficial in the prevention of post work out muscle fatigue. Electrolyte drink helps to restore the requisite minerals in the body. Give below are some types of electrolyte drinks. Read about them to choose the best electrolyte drink for you.

Best Electrolytic Drink

Types of electrolyte drinks:

Isotonic Electrolyte Drinks

  • These are water based drinks.
  • They contain glucose and fructose in a concentration of 6 to 8 percent.
  • This type of electrolyte drink is good for long distance runners.
  • Isotonic electrolyte drinks will give you an instant result.

Hypotonic Electrolyte Drinks

  • Less than 8% carbohydrate and mineral content and are low in calories.
  • Good for daily consumption after exercise.
  • These types of drinks help to maintain a normal fluid balance in the body.
  • Mostly used by jockeys and gymnasts.

Hypertonic Electrolyte Drinks

  • These drinks are loaded with carbohydrates.
  • Best for heavy training exercises and ultra distance events.

Some good examples of electrolyte drinks are Boots Isotonic, Lucazade Sport, Sis Go, Accelerade and Gatorade.

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